Uluru Cosmic Rays Initiatic Retreat


Uluru Cosmic Rays Initiatic Retreat

September 20th until September 30th 2017

An Initiatic Retreat like no other, this Retreat is of 10 days duration beginning on Wednesday September 20th as the arrival date at Uluru, and departure September 30th.

We will be visiting Kata Tjuta, (the Olgas), during our time at Uluru, and staying in Kings Canyon for the last 5 days of the Retreat.

During the Retreat we will be Anchoring, Activating, Actualizing and Amplifying the Cosmic Rays of Christed Light of God Consciousness for the Twelve Rays that are from the Godhead, around Uluru, Kata Tjuta, and Kings Canyon forming a Pyramid.

These Cosmic Rays will be channeled through to Amerissis Kumara from the Elohim – Council of Elders, and in particular the Elohim of Cosmic Christed Light Consciousness.

All participants will be involved in this process having first entered into a deep meditative state, whereby the Cosmic Rays, (with the assistance of the Cosmic Logos: Avatar of Synthesis, the Mahatma; and the Universal Logos: Lord Melchizedek), will enter their being, and bring in the Cosmic Awareness of the All that Is, for each of the Cosmic Rays and aid each person in their journey to Cosmic Truth, and the removal of all remaining Veils to their being the Truth of who they are.

The God-Power Presence within each person will be felt at a greater level, and the attributes of each of the Cosmic Rays will bring greater  wisdom, understanding and inner peace, through the resolving and dissolving of that which still needs to be brought back to Peace, Harmony and Unconditional Love.

At each of the three sites; Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon, four Sacred Cosmic Rays from the Godhead will be Anchored, Activated, Actualized and Amplified, making that a total of twelve Cosmic Rays, and then additional Cosmic Rays will be Anchored at each of the areas mentioned, that are Unique aspects of the Cosmic Ray of Christed Light of God Consciousness combined with all the other Cosmic Rays of the Elohim Council of Co-Creator Gods, thus forming the United Cosmic Rays at the Elohim level.

Initiations to the Sacred Cosmic Rays and Flames will take place for each person during the retreat; these Initiations will be from the Elohim through Amerissis on the first day of the Retreat at Uluru.

 Initiations to the Sacred Cosmic Rays and Flames will be UNIQUE for each individual and in accordance with their Mighty I Am Presence and the God-Power Presence within, being part of their Cosmic Ascension requirement, as they go forth in their journey of Oneness with themselves, others and the One, the Ultimate, Supreme God of all Creation, the All that Is.

The Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon Anchorages and Activation’s are the Key Code that is to connect up with the Mt Shasta, Monument Valley  Sedona and the Hawaiian Islands Cosmic Ray Anchorages, and this Link up forms a massive Triangle that takes in all the Key Vortex’s  throughout the regions.

If this Retreat is something that Resonates with you and you Feel Drawn by Your Heart and Soul to be a part of this very first Cosmic Rays Initiatic Retreat, contact Amerissis Kumara, or Elissa Fuss of Telos Australia.

We will be delighted to hear from you.

Blessings of Light & Love,

From Amerissis



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