Telos – Australia Workshops 2018

    Twelve Sacred Flames and Rays of Christed Light Consciousness

    Workshop details:

Venue: Telos Australia Temple 

286 Glenrock Parade, Tascott  NSW

Time: 10.30 am : 5.30 pm

Costs: $150.00 per Module.


Workshop Facilitator:

 Elohim Channel: Amerissis Kumara 

 Contact Amerissis: 02 4344 3517 or 0400 020 475

or   Elissa Fuss : 0426 274 412

Bookings for the workshops are essential, as space is limited. 

  • Manual provided for each of the modules.

  • There are Two modules: 

  •  Module One: Sunday February 11th 2018

    Information about the Twelve Sacred Flames and Rays.

How they can help you in your Cosmic Ascension.

What they are and what their purpose is in coming to Planet Earth at this time in the history of Earth for Anchoring, Activation, Actualization and Amplification. 

How to use the Prayers to access your unconscious mind and the many different ways in which the Prayers can be used to bring about changes in your life, and more…….

Module Two: Sunday February 18th 2018 

Developing your own Sacred Flames and Ray Temple, or a Sacred Space within your home.

Initiation from the Universal Logos: Lord Melchizedek. You Receive from him the ability to channel in through him to Planet Earth, and the Universe, the Sacred Universal Rays of the Christed Light Consciousness.

Amerissis Kumara is the Author of the

Temple Prayer Book: Prayers for Cosmic Ascension.

and the Book: Cosmic Ascension Pathways; Inner Guidance for Cosmic Ascension.

  • includes Channeled Messages from the Light Realm.
  •                                                              Books to be published in 2018

 Blessings of Peace, Tranquility & Love