Angelo’s Message

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angelos-message__53534_stdAngelo’s Message by Aurelia Louise Jones

A touching message from Angelo, a beautiful Balinese, angel cat, who has incarnated on this planet, once again, to speak to mankind on behalf of the animal kingdom. Angelo brings us a message of hope and compassion regarding the treatment of animals on this planet. Angelo’s Message was channeled at the request of the Goddess Quan Yin. Angelo’s eloquent feline words penetrate deeply into our hearts and fill us with the love, wisdom and mystery of the feline species. Angelo and Tender-Heart remind us the opportunity, we humans, have to develop an endearing and exhilarating relationship with other species. This book will open your heart to the spiritual awareness of cats; that they also have a soul, and they have come here to teach us compassion and true healing – Booklet 100 pages.

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