Sedona: The Twelve Sacred Cosmic Rays & Flames Initiatic Retreat

Sedona: The Twelve Sacred Cosmic Rays & Flames Initiatic Retreat

August 16th depart August 24th 2017 

The Twelve Sacred Cosmic Rays & Flames of Christed Light Consciousness retreat will be a

journey of inner self exploration, along with visiting the Sacred places and Vortexes

of the Sedona area, with the intention to Anchor, Activate, Actualize and Amplify these Sacred

Cosmic Flames and Rays of Christed Light Consciousness into this 

Land of the Ancients, into Planet Earth for the benefit of this Planet and this Universe.

Lemurian Guides from the Telos Community of Mt Shasta and the Agartha Network,

will accompany our group as we journey by Road to the Sacred places of this region

and bring with us the Sacred Cosmic Rays and Flames and the

energy of the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis: the Mahatma.

You will experience the energy of the Sacred Vortex’s and receive the blessings of

the Cosmic Rays and Flames of the Cosmic Christed Light Consciousness,

connecting to them through the Sacred Chambers of your Heart.

The Cosmic Rays will enter your being and transform you from within to be in

Oneness with Yourself, Others and the Universe.

You will receive an Initiation from Lord Melchizedek at Cathedral Rock and

also an Initiation from Elohim Council of Elders into the

Order of the Cosmic Cross at Tonto State National Park.

From Australia the Farthest Point of Lemuria to the United States of America

we come to the Sacred Temples, Lands and Vortex’s of Mother Earth,

to pay homage and respect to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine,

bringing Oneness and Unity Consciousness to All.

The time of Surrender to the Will of God and the cleansing of all that serves you not is now,

as we Let Go and Let God receive from us, all that energy which is not of service

to the Cosmic Love and Cosmic Christed Light  of One Unity Consciousness, freedom,

forgiveness and unconditional love, will pour forth from the Sacred Chambers of your Heart

to embrace you with the GOD-POWER PRESENCE that is within you.

For more information about the Twelve Sacred Cosmic Rays/Flames Retreat in Sedona

Please email: or

speak to Elissa of Telos Australia

Phone Amerissis 0400 020 475

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