Our Mission


Our Mission is…

  • To Be the Heart of Lemuria here at Telos Australia and It is indeed with great joy and excitement in our hearts that we connect in the energy of love with all of you who feel drawn to the Revelations of the New Lemuria and to the Telosian teachings.

  • To Live the Telos teachings and show you how you can implement right here on the surface of this planet, the paradise of Love, Harmony and Peace that is in Telos the City of Light, the present day Lemuria.

  • To Show you that you too are able to become the Hearts of Compassion and be in One Heart Connection, the Oneness and Union of All that Is.

  • Along with the The Telosian Community; to birth a new golden age that will manifest the fullness of the Christ Consciousness, which is the divinity that has always been there within all of our Hearts.

 Our purpose is to…

  • Share and spread to as many people as possible, the transformational teachings from Telos, the City of Light inside Mt Shasta, so as to set the pace to bring forth a higher level of evolutionary awareness to humanity through words of truth, wisdom and love from Master Adama, the High Priest of the Council of Light in Telos.

  • To serve as emissaries of peace, love and harmony, calling to everyone who connects with the Heart of Lemuria, the Heart of Compassion, to reignite and reconnect to their soul memories and DNA blueprints to enable the fulfillment your divine contracts,

  • Thereby achieving your divine purpose in reincarnating into Planet Earth at this momentous period of Planet Earths Ascension into the 5th Dimension.

Our Vision is…

  • To help each other in connecting to our Heart Consciousness in order to be open to our Collective Consciousness in love, light and compassion, thereby creating a world which enables us to live in peace and harmony, with the perspective of a better understanding of the Universal Law of Oneness and the Unity of the All that IS.

  • To create a Community of the Heart, a City of Light here in Australia, so that ALL those who wish to Ascend in this lifetime can be with others who desire the same and who can show them the way Home.To Be Universal love and light, to recognize the kinship that we have with all of humanity, and sharing with each other the wondrous abundance that is Planet Earth, thus being open to the vast potential of bringing together all the kingdoms of Earth, into the Oneness that Is Unity Consciousness.

“We Champion Your Victory,

         Telos, the City of Light and Telos Australia are always available to assist you in attaining, retaining and sustaining your goals and hearts desires.

           All are Welcome to Come to Telos Australia and experience the energies of Telos and the Chohans of the Twelve Sacred Flames and Rays of God Consciousness.

           The Telos Australia website contains messages from Telos in Mt Shasta about ascension and the coming Earth changes, channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones, from the masters Adama, St Germain, Jesus/Lord Sananda and other masters.

Your Champion is Your Heart,

Be Your Champion,

Be in Your Heart”

The Lemurian Teachings from Telos in Mt Shasta

          Many people feel a connection to the ancient civilization of Lemuria and their messages. Telos Australia is not affiliated to any religious organization or sect. Anyone, regardless of their religious denomination, race or creed are welcome to read, explore, and experience the Lemurian teachings, and have one of the most wondrous adventures of their lives – the journey of unwavering commitment that can assist all to their glory of ascension in the light and attaining their spiritual freedom forever.

With much love and light,  The Australian Telos Team.

The Telos Australia website contains messages channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones, from Master Adama, Master St Germain, Lord Jesus/Sananda
and more!  Read their messages on our life’s purpose to Ascend and the coming of Earths’ changes!