Mt. Shasta Initiatic Retreats


Mt. Shasta Initiatic Journey Retreat 2018 

Mt. Shasta and the Crystal City 2018

 The Initiatic Journey Retreat for 2018

Arrival date: Friday August 3rd Departure: Monday August 13th 2018

Facilitators: Amerissis Kumara, Lord Adama, the Universal Logos: Lord Melchizedek;

and the Elohim Council of Co-Creator Gods.

  Lemurian Heart Connection

One Unity Consciousness with your Inner Self

During your inner journey you will be totally bathed in the love of the Lemurian energy. Upon arrival, you will be assigned three guides from Telos for the week who will work to facilitate the spiritual experiences and advancement your soul desires to accomplish in your Cosmic Ascension to the 5th Dimension and Beyond.

 You are the one creating your own experience, we simply facilitate it.

We provide the crucible for your experience, the Telos teachings of the mirror reflections, and the Acceptance and Compassion for you in Your Journey. You do the rest.

 We will spend each day in nature, and go to some of the most beautiful and highly energetic hot spots in the area of Mt.Shasta to facilitate your healing and inner journey.

You will be initiated to the Crystal Light Energies of Higher Consciousness, by the Crystal Elders of the Crystal City, which is above Mt. Shasta in the 8th Dimension.

             Your Telosian Guides will give you spiritual assignments and whatever aid is required to help you  while you are bathed by the LOVE and LIGHT of our Lemurian family and friends.  

On Thursday August 9th, the Children of Telos will join us energetically for a wonderful, Joyful and uplifting experience in Nature.

 The Changes that may occur for you in your Life depend upon your Focus and Commitment to Transformation, and on your Determination to make those desired Changes in your life happen now. 

Nearly everyone, if not all, return home feeling very different from when they arrived. Many past participants have returned a second and third time and have reported that they have benefited even more, because they have come with a greater awareness of the power of this Sacred Mountain and the subtle teachings that come from Telos, your Telosian guides, and the Heart that is Lemuria.

 The Journey of the Heart has begun.  Connect to Your Heart the Heart that is Lemuria

Come and Join us for this Amazing Experience at Mt. Shasta California USA.

Costs: $700.00

Excludes: Airfares, Accommodation, Car Hire, Food and Refreshments.

Room Reservations have been made at the Swiss Holiday Lodge Mt. Shasta: be quick as space is limited there, although accommodation can be found elsewhere in the township.

Includes: Administration/Facilitator, Stewart Mineral Springs Spa Bath, Crystal Room healing session,                               Boat Trip and Celebration Dinner at the Mt. Shasta Resort.

Advised to have access to at least $4,500.00 – $5000.00 for the trip.

Please Contact: Telos Australia for further information and Bookings


Amerissis Kumara

Phone: +61 02 4344 3517 – 0400 020 475



Elissa Fuss   


Phone: 0426 274 412