Inspirational Messages from Telos

Inspirational Messages from an Ancient Lemurian City – Telos

Card Deck

Mother Earth has Dreamed her Dreams; she is asking humanity to dream with her now, to envision all of the changes you have been yearning for.

The Dawning of a new world in unity and love, where violence will exist no longer is just beyond the horizon.    Adama 

Seek the questions that spring from the deepest pools of your heart and then ask it from the entirety o your real sel your God Sel. You must be will to listen with the part o you that is awake enough now to hear the answer. Adama

We are living in a time when transformation is not a wish or goal, but rather a growing reality. You Soon will be discovering new worlds and new ways of being.     Celeste

We ask that in every aspect of yourself and every aspect of your heart, you begin to expand your consciousness in a greater measure to the concepts of true community.     Celeste


Words of Wisdom from the Telos Books – Volume 1, 2 & 3

To Return to the Full Consciousness, as divine beings, it is imperative that you now begin to turn the Leadership over to the Heart, and allow again the Heart to rule rather than the mind. Ahnahmar

(Volume1 page no 2)


Lemuria still exists to this day. In a 5th Dimensional frequency. Not yet visible to your third dimensional vision and perception. Adama.

(Volume1 page no 10)


 Begin to consider your bodies as “Magical forms.” See them as the most versatile machines that were ever created that can do all you want them to do without pain or limitation. Adama

(Volume1 page no 24)


 The attitude of Gratitude opens the doors to Miracles, and the multiplication of yur blessings! If you feel a lack of blessings in your life or desire to expand your blessings to a greater level, practice this ancient art to improve all areas of your life including your abundance. Adama

(Volume1 page no 34)


What is the quality of the internal dialogue that your entertain within yourself, moment by moment? Does it reflect what you desire to attain?

(Volume1 page no 46)