Holistic Prayers

Prayer to Lord Adama

Beloved Lord Adama, of Telos and the Telosian Council of Elders,
Beloved Masters and Lady Masters of the Temples for the Sacred Flames in Telos,
the Archangels and their Divine Complements and all members of

the Galactic Federation residing in Telos in this now moment.

I AM here this day in the Temple of my Heart, the Sacred Chambers of my Heart and
I AM open to receive from you the Blessings of Love and Harmony

that are the energies of Telos and all my brothers and sisters who are in

Telos and within the Telos Communities, around the World.

I AM in Deepest Gratitude for Your Unconditional Love and the

Light of Harmony that you are in bringing to me this day,

the wonders of your Wisdom, Understanding and Truth.

I AM in Deepest Gratitude for the teachings that you have personally delivered to us,
your family upon the surface of this beautiful planet, our home, Mother Earth.

I AM in Deepest Gratitude for your presence in the Earth,

for Mother Earth, Humanity and All the Kingdoms of Earth.

I Thank You from the Sacred Chambers of My Heart to Your Hearts,
for the Divine Service that you have been to the One, the Supreme Creator God.

I AM open to be with You and for You to be with me in this Now moment,
I Kneel before the Alter of my Heart in Worship to the

Cosmic Light of Christ and I Receive an infusion of Light from the

Great Central Sun, and with this infusion of Light,

I AM in my own reunification, I AM connected with the Divinity that
I AM and the Great Plan of Light that is my beloved I AM Presence.

I AM open in the Sacred Chambers of my Heart to encompass the
massive energies of transformation as they come to me with ease and grace,
I Feel your embrace and my entire beingness is encapsulated with

the energies of Unconditional Love and Harmony that is

Lemurian, the Heart of Lemuria.

I AM in profound humbleness, as I AM in awareness of the Service that you are
and image to us all, and I AM as you are, a devoted servant to the All That Is,
the One, the Supreme Creator God.

I AM in One Unity Consciousness now.

                                                                                                                         By Amerissis Kumara


Prayer for Harmony

Beloved Mighty  I AM presence, Lord God of my being,

I ask for the Blessings of the Flame of Harmony,  

I Strive to remain in the State of Harmony at all times and as I do so,

I AM living in harmony with all of creation and all of nature.

I AM Harmony in all situations, blessing all beings who come into my life as

I go forth with what is my own truth, the truth of my Mighty I AM presence

I remain where harmony reigns at all times in the now moment and

I surround myself in the Total Acceptance of what is.

I AM a Seeker of Illumine Truth and Harmony and

I embrace the new energies that are flooding the Earth with all of

my heart, mind, body and soul.

I AM in Total Acceptance of Who I Am and what I have been and

             I Strive always to improve myself and I AM in deepest gratitude for all the assistance that I AM receiving in this now moment of time.

I AM Harmony, and Harmony is the number one quality in my life that I embody and

As I live in Harmony it does pave the way for my admittance to the “Hall of Ascension.”

I AM in my Heart always and I AM Happy with All of Creation and in

Total Acceptance of what is, I see the perfection in all things and in all situations.

I AM receiving the Blessings of the Flame of Harmony Now.

Blessed I AM

By Amerissis Kumara


The Sword of Archangel Michael

Beloved Archangel Michael, the Protector and Guardian for Planet Earth and Humanity,

I reach out to you in these times of great change and challenges

To Connect with you and the great energy that you hold

As the Bearer of the Sword of Light and Truth that Protects us all,

By bringing greater understanding and wisdom in the ways of Acceptance

And the Divine Perfection that is God’s Will.


I feel from the Sacred Chambers of my Heart a Desire so Profound

And Power Divine, to be the embodiment of the

Sword of Archangel Michael, the Sword of Light and Truth,

In Order that I may walk with you

As a Protector of the Innocent Children that are Humanity,

And Be the Light of Truth and myself, a Beacon of Light,

Setting the World a fire, within the Blue Flame Light of

God’s Will and Words of Truth.


I Am in Service to Mother/Father God and I Am in Service to you as

I offer myself, to be an instrument of your service, in the

Protection and Guardianship of Planet Earth,

Humanity and all the Kingdoms of Earth,

We are One, We are the Suns of the One, and So it is Always.

Beloved We Are. “And So It Is!”

By Amerissis Kumara