Hawaii- Twelve Sacred Cosmic Rays & Flames Initiatic Retreat

Hawaii: Sacred Cosmic Rays/Flames Retreat 2018

Arrival Date: July 26th 2018  Departure on August 3rd 2018

Hawaiian Islands:    Kauai, Molokai and Maui

The Initiatic Journey Retreat in Hawaii 2018

                       Retreat begins Date: July 27th on Kauai Island and ends Date: August 2nd on Maui Island.                                          Departure: Date from Oahu: Honolulu August 3rd 2018.     

Facilitator: Amerissis Kumara, Lord Melchizedek and the Elohim Council of Elders – Co-Creator Gods. 

The Retreat will be a retreat like no other, an amazing Air and Road Trip, covering three Sacred Paradise Islands of Hawaii – Kauai, Molokai and Maui.

The Cosmic Rays and Flames Retreat is a journey of Inner-Self Exploration; visiting many Sacred Sites of these Islands with the intention to Anchor and Activate these Sacred Cosmic Rays and Flames into this amazing Lemurian Land of the Ancients.

Lemurian Guides from the Telos Community of Mt Shasta, the Agartha Network and Shamballa of the Inner Realm – will accompany our group, as we journey by Air and Road to the Sacred Lemurian Sites of these islands and bring with us the Sacred Cosmic Rays and Flames energy of the Elohim: Council of Elders from the God-head.

The Cosmic Logos: Avatar of Synthesis the Mahatma, will be present to ensure the correct level of Anchorage, Activation, Actualization and Amplification occurs for Humanity, All the Kingdoms and Realms of Planet Earth, and the Universe.

You will receive and experience the energies of the Sacred Cosmic Rays and their healing attributes during the Retreat Meditations.

Blessings of Love and Light from the Cosmic Rays and the Chohans of the Twelve Sacred Rays and Flames will come to you. The Lemurian Elders and the Telos Council of Elders will be present to Guide you in your experience of the Powers of the Cosmic Rays and Flames.

Offerings of Flowers and Gemstones will be given to the Goddess Pele and the Goddess of the Sea, with the purity of intention for Peace, Balance, Harmony and Tranquility, to be Anchored and Activated here on Mother Earth at the Heart/Mind Centres of Lemuria –  Kauai, Molokai and Maui.

  From Kahului Airport we will fly to Molokai and then to Maui.

We return to the Sacred Temples of Cosmic Love and Cosmic Light, to pay homage and respect to Planet Earth.  With the coming of the Cosmic Rays from the God-Head; we Accept and Surrender to the Will of Creation, the Cosmic Heart, Mind and Will of God.

                 Eons past the Lands of Lemuria and Atlantis sank beneath the sea, and for many of us, who lived                                  during those times of great turmoil and suffering, there was great grief and guilt,                                     the Time of the Healing, the Time of Forgiveness and the Time of Unconditional Love, is Now!

                             As we Let Go and Let God receive from us, all that energy which is not of service to the                                        Cosmic Love and Cosmic Light of One Unity Consciousness, we are once again fully –                                                    the Truth of Who we are, our True God-Self.

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