Ascension Ceremonies @ Telos


Telos Australia – Lemurian Heart Consciousness

Ascension Ceremony 11.30am – 1.30pm

Introduction to the Principles of the Ascension Ceremony


  • Ascension Ceremony: What the Ascension Ceremony is all about
  • The Atomic Accelerator Ascension Chair – the description and the benefits
  • The Chohan of the Sacred Ascension Flame
  • The Ascension Flame: What it does for you
  • Ascension Ceremony Protocols: procedures – including dress code for the ceremony
  • Prayer for Ascension on the Ascension Chair – Timing
  • Opening Invocation  and  The Golden Liquid Light Elixir Invocation

EVERY Friday @ 286 Glenrock Parade Tascott NSW

Lunch: Bring Vegetarian food to share. 1.30pm – 2.30pm

Please read dress codes for Temple Attendance

Facilitators: Telos Australia Team

Cost: By Donation $10.00

We are a Non-Profit Organization and all donations are greatly appreciated.


Telos-Australia Workshops

Twelve Sacred Flames & Rays of Christed Light Consciousness

 Time: 10.30am : 5.30pm

Costs: Donation of $100.00 per module

 Workshop Facilitators: 

 Amerissis, Adama, the Maha Chohan & Chohans of the Twelve Sacred Flames
Assistant Elissa Louise

Please contact Elissa Louise– 0426 274 412 or

Telos Australia Phone: 02 4322 0706

Bookings Essential, as written material is supplied.

Workshops are experiental and with lots of sharing and participation by participants.


Details of Workshops under heading: Telos-Australia Workshops for 2016

 Retreats/Initiatic Journeys

September 02nd  until September 1th 2016-

Hawaii Retreat – The Twelve Sacred Flames

 Air and Road trip visiting the Sacred Sites of the Hawaiian Islands on Oahu, Kauai, Maui and

the Big Island of Hawaii.


September  17th – September 26th Mt Shasta Initiatic Retreat

Initiatic retreat, inner spiritual journey on Mt Shasta.


Retreats: Contact Amerissis phone: 0400 020 475 – 02 4388 6368



Ascension Ceremony and Workshops:

Contact Elissa of Telos-Australia – 0426 274 412 : Facilitators: Amerissis, Elissa and Adama


YOU beloved Sisters and Brothers of Love & Light, are cordially Invited by the Maha Chohan and All the Chohans of the Sacred Flames and Rays,

to visit with them in the newly Activated Temple of the Twelve Sacred Flames of One Unity Consciousness at Telos Australia

New Address for the Ceremonies and Workshops: 286 Glenrock Parade Tascott NSW


Dress Code  for the Twelve Sacred Flames and Rays of Christed Light ConsciousnessTemple during the Ascension Ceremony and Workshops.

Channelled requests from Master Adama, the Maha Chohan & the Chohans of the Twelve Sacred Flames & Rays.

ü  All White Clothing preferably or

ü  White Blouses/Shirt or Top with Light Coloured Shorts, Slacks or Skirts

ü  No Black or Dark Brown to be worn

ü  Bare feet or with Socks/stockings

Codes of Conduct  in the Temple

Ascension Ceremony & Workshops

ü  Silence and No chatter prior to the Ascension ceremony

The Chohans will be attempting to communicate with you and

noise is distracting for them and can prevent them from getting through to your awareness

as your minds will be over active and not at ease.

Be in your Heart as much as you can.

ü  The Temple,  Masters & Chohans to be acknowledged with respect:

As you enter the Temple, this helps participants to be in a calm and focused state of being as

you prepare for the prayers and ascension ceremony or workshop.

These few Codes of Conduct have been requested due to the upgrade of the Temple to

a much higher level of consciousness and these require the respect of all those coming to

the Temple on special days in which the Masters and Chohans will be present.

They are here to Champion you in your Victory journey of Ascension and

We of Telos Australia are in deep Gratitude for their Blessings and Unconditional Love.

 Thank you Beloved Ones for your Commitment in Your Ascension

 Master Adama & the Maha Chohan of the Sacred Flames of God Consciousness

286 Glenrock Parade, Tascott NSW 2250

Please contact Elissa– Administrator of Telos Australia 0426 274 412 or 02 4322 0706

 Elissa will be delighted to help you in any way possible.

Blessings of Love & Light to you All,

Amerissis Kumara– President Telos Australia