Ascension Ceremony


For those who are desiring to deepen their commitment to this goal of ascension, to the spiritual hierarchy of the planet and to their I AM Presence.

The Atomic Accelerator, or the Ascension Chair, is a gift to the earth and to humanity from the heart of beloved Master Saint Germain. It is a tool to assist raising the vibration of a candidate for ascension. It contains the frequencies of the pure white light of the ascension flame. It can also be used to raise ones vibration gradually and gently.

With each ceremony, Master Saint Germain comes with his etheric atomic accelerator box, invisible to those not yet clairvoyant, and puts it beneath the chair designated and decorated for that purpose. What does it do? All around and beneath the chair, there is an emanation of ascension frequency that begins radiating outward. The person sitting on the chair receives according to his level of evolution and capacity to receive. Each time you speak from the heart on the chair and set your intention for ascension, you create an explosion of love and light that is the most wondrous to behold.

With great interest and gratitude, we observe that after many years of regular practice of this ritual, the chalice of light now created with each ceremony is building a huge momentum. The energies almost double in intensity and beauty each time this sacred ceremony is performed. It affects and helps not only the people participating in the group, but creates a web of light touching almost the entire planet.


 Ascension Ceremonies are held every Friday at 11.30am, followed by Vegetarian lunch to share and a discussion gathering from 2.30pm finishing at 4.30pm.

 Location: 286 Glenrock Parade, Tascott – Central Coast NSW 2250

Those who feel the inner calling to attend a Ceremony or create a Ceremony in your own home, please contact:

Elissa  on 02 4322 0706 or 0426 274 412 –

email us at  for further  details.

We will keep you posted of further ceremonies and events.