Ascension Ceremony


          THE ATOMIC ACCELERATOR, or ‘Ascension Chair’, is a Divine Gift from the Sacred Heart of our beloved Master Saint Germain.

          It is an etherical tool used in his gift of ceremony, to lovingly assist Humanity to raise our vibration light frequency!  The Accelerator is operated by Master Saint Germain, by charging pure white light of the Ascension Flame, into the Atomic Accelerator chair. 

          We sit, in turn, in this controlled gentle ethereal Light, and, speaking from our heart, express gratitude and ask for help.

          By regularly receiving this incremented upgrade, combined with reading the prayers and handing over all that hold us back, we are given an opportunity to fast-track our ascension within a few years, and break the reincarnation cycle, once and for all!

          It is with great honor and gratitude, we observe in the Telos Australia Temple, the momentum of intensity and beauty that has built up over time!  As we take part, we contribute to the expansion this momentum, activating and connecting into the Divine global crystalline grid, eventually linking up with wider networks that expand over our entire Sacred Earth and beyond!

You are invited not only to take part in this amazing event, but to Ascend in this lifetime!
Are you ready?

          Ascension Ceremonies are held every Friday with an 11.00 am arrival, followed by a pot luck vegetarian lunch where there is much sharing and laughter around the table!  We would love to see you there!

Location: 286 Glenrock Parade, Tascott – Central Coast NSW 2250

If you want to know how to hold a Ceremony in your own home, or for any inquires,

Please Contact: Elissa on  0426 274 412 – Andos on 0420 230 582 or Amerissis on 0400 020 475

or email us at