Testimonial – Initiatic Journey Retreats


The Twelve Sacred Flames and Rays of Christed Light Consciousness

Message from  Amerissis Kumara 

Beloved Brothers and Sister of Telos Australia and the Telos Community, oh what a wonderful exciting cosmic Initiatic journey was had by all the participants for this year’s Mt Shasta Initiatic Retreat, The Twelve Sacred Flames and Rays Retreat in Hawaii and the Monument Valley and Sedona Invocations of the Cosmic Light Rays into Planet Earth.

Words cannot convey the beauty and splendor of Mt Shasta, Hawaii, Monument Valley and the Sedona, Arizona Vortex regions, nor the Joy that was felt from the Heart, by everyone involved in the experiences of their own Divine Cosmic Ascension to higher levels of Consciousness.

So much Cosmic Love and Light came through from Source, the Chohans, the Sacred Flames and Rays and All the Ascended Masters and the Spirit Realm, to bless us with their Divine Guidance, Unconditional Love and Compassion. Their collective Beauty is Breathtaking in its magnitude.

I feel so honoured and privileged to be the channel for so many different representatives of the Light Realm and of Nature and especially so in having for a short period of time felt the presence within my being, the embodiment of Mother Earth as she spoke through me to the fellowship of Christed light present, represented by myself, Andos Zan and Gottleip expressing her deepest gratitude for all the Light workers in the world who are United in Oneness and awakened to the reality of her existence.

Through her embodiment within me, I felt her pain and the torment of what she has endured for humanity and planet Earth and I was in awe of her great Love of Humanity and her great compassion and understanding for the experience of the human condition and her thoughts and feeling for all the kingdoms of Planet Earth as she regards all as her children and Loves All members of all the Kingdoms of Earth unconditionally.

In the Hawaiian Islands, the Chohans for the Sacred Flames and Rays came through and addressed those present, Faye, Gottleip, Yailah and myself and we were at times deep within the experiences of their presence and their messages were for all of humanity, simple, direct full of peace, tranquillity, love and compassion. The Nature Spirits addressed us and were in gratitude for all that the Light Workers of the World are doing for the Mother and they are well pleased at our awakenings.

In Mt Shasta the magic continued and there were times when the emotions ran deep as we shifted through many layers of consciousness to ever higher realms of light and understanding of all that is and the family to which we belong, the family of Mother Earth that includes all the kingdoms and realms that are God’s Creation.

Monument Valley, Utah proved once again to be of paramount importance for Planet Earth and All the Ascended Master who have ever Ascended from this Planet, Planet Earth spake unto us and blessed us for our journey and acknowledged all that we are doing and informed us that they are ALL here with us on this planet during Planet Earths Ascension to the 5th Dimension. Thou are not alone ever. We are eternally with thee.

In the Tonto State National Park of Arizona the Sacred Flames and Rays of God Consciousness came through and for a short period of time their energy was held within me as they spoke of their service to creation to the all that is and their joy and great desire to be of service to humanity and all the kingdoms of Planet Earth. They request that we call upon them from our Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, to embody their presence within our beingness at all times.

I felt their energy within me and it was so beautiful, strong, pure and the illumine truth of the creator of all that is, I have no words that can describe the Great, Enormous Love of these flames and rays.

I am Totally in Love with their energy and invoke their cool brilliant energy into my being as often as I am thinking and feeling my connection to them.

There is so much more that I could say here about the experiences of everyone who was chosen by spirit to be present, but that would take a book and I guess that is exactly what is to come of these channellings, these awesome messages from the Light and Nature Spirit Realms are to be shared with the World.

The Divine Light and Love of Spirit Flows through us all,

Eternal is the Star that each of us all are

And every particle of the one is the Holy Sacred Sun.



  Telos Australia Initiatic Journey Retreat on

Mt Shasta for August/September 2014

by  Amerissis

 Greetings beloved brothers and sisters, and the Blessings of Light and Love to you all.

This years Initiatic Journey to Mt Shasta was absolutely amazing, as

the facilitator of this retreat, I can say with all of my heart, a great big thank you to all

the participants of this retreat for having the courage, committment and determination

to do their inner journey work.

 The Telosian guides appointed by Master Adama for each person, have assisted each one

to achieve higher levels of consiousness and so enable the advancement of their

journey to personal Enlightment and Ascension to the energy of the 5th Dimension.

 I feel honoured to have been an instrument in service to the One, the Supreme Creator God

for this Initiatic Journey Retreat, in that I was able with the aide of my wonderful I AM Presence,

to be the crucible holding the space, in order that so much could be achieved

by everyone in such a short period of time.

An initiation occuring on Mt Shasta, elevates each participants energy

to higher levels of consciousness and is truly noticable to all who

experience an initiatic journey retreat to Mt Shasta.

 The Divine energy that is Mt Shasta, along with the Divine energy of Telos

and the Telosian Guides, helped each person to be able to recognize the issues

within their beingness that required healing, those issues which were paramount

and needed their immediate attention and through being healed and Transmuted to Freedom,

Forgiveness and Unconditional Love, shifted their consciousness to greater levels of

Awakening and Awareness of the Truth of Who they Are.

 I feel privileged to have been in the company of my Spiritual Family,

as they Embraced their Truth,

and went forward in their Journey to One Unity Consciousness with the All that Is,

the One Supreme Creator God.

And So it is beloved I AM