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Welcome and Blessings of the Heart to All those seeking Ascension   The Heart of Lemuria, the Heart of Compassion




Communication from Adama and the High Council of Telos On Knowingness and Self Empowerment

Greetings from the Heart of Lemuria,

Knowingness comes directly from your I AM Presence and its connection with the Creator. It is very important at this time of earth transition and your own personal evolution that you activate your empowerment within your consciousness.

          Contemplate what your life would be like if you were to double your personal power within the next six months. Entertaining victim consciousness with the new energy flooding the planet will only attract to your earth experience stronger and more powerful mirrors of victim-hood.

          In deep communion with self, evaluate the level of your ability to truly open yourself to receive the extraordinary grace that is offered to you now and for your future. How much time are you willing to dedicate each day to focus and allow the receivership of what is available to you now from within your soul for your personal transformation and resurrection? How much are you ready for?

          Divine fire is your tool and source to embody divine power. Use your own personal fire, your love and your passion every moment, no matter how it appears. As you shift your perspective you begin to see as God sees. Awaken the remembrances of your glorious past and bring it to the now to recreate it in your daily life.

          Be willing to face and embrace any fear that may surface in your conscious awareness and use the fire of your heart to transform that energy into oneness and joy. Let your love for yourself be so great to choose the most glorious destiny you can conceive in your heart and mind and believe that you are good enough, that you are worthy of it and that you deserve it.

          Believe that it can happen if you truly desire it and create it with the fire of your heart, focusing diligently on the object of your desire.

          Now is the time to formulate your biggest spiritual dreams. Make a list of your goals and what you want to manifest. Articulate and write down what you want to manifest in all levels of your being and be very clear on what you want. Lack of clarity does not bring the desired results. 

Once you are clear about your spiritual goals, then write down the rest of your goals, even if you do not have the slightest idea how they can manifest. Leave that part to your own I AM. Believe in the unknown surprises within that can rise up in a moment. The clearer you become with what you want and the gifts you wish to develop, the more your I AM will respond to your asking. You are developing your mastery.

Message from Adama and the Lemurian High Council of Telos – Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

Greetings, my dearest brothers and sisters!

From the love of our hearts, we send you blessings and assistance from the cities of Light and particularly from Telos. In this awesome time of planetary transformation, I am sure you have noticed how much time, as you know it, has collapsed in your dimension particularly over the last few years.

          Your linear calendar appears to be shorter with each passing year. More and more of you, even now, are having greater difficulties remembering the details of what you did yesterday or last week, because the new waves of light flooding this planet are propelling you to anchor your consciousness more deeply in the eternal now…

                   This is the Love you want to attain, beloved ones. It is important for each of you desiring Ascension to practice this state of consciousness until you attain it. This is how, step by step, you achieve your spiritual mastery. We hear many of you say: Don’t tell me it is Christmas time again, it seems that we just finished last years. Indeed, your time is now collapsing more rapidly and this process will continue to accelerate until one day, you will find yourself in a state of no time zone like we have.

          Time in our dimension does not exist, as it is circular, meaning that in our dimension, there is only the eternal now! Time in your dimension was constructed a long time ago for the sake of establishing a more definite structure as a point of reference in your evolution. As you progress in your evolutionary pathway, you will no longer need the convenience of time.

          How wondrous it is to be living in the eternal now each moment of life existence and have eternity to accomplish all the projects and dreams of your heart! Contemplate how it would feel to be constantly living in a vast flow of light where the ability to create all your desires manifest quickly or instantly from the pure love. 

          Go for it! Purify your hearts and emotional bodies of the residues of negativity that are still blocking the divine flow of your creativity and access the opening of all your spiritual gifts.

          Let go of all judgment, resentment, jealousy, victim consciousness, low self-esteem, self-doubt, etc.

          They no longer serve you, especially since you cannot take one iota of these feelings in the dimension you long to embrace. Waiting for a later time to clear your consciousness of all remaining negativity is not productive.

          Either you choose to come along now to live in a world of love and light in a few short years or you don’t. The choice is yours. Master Saint Germain disclosed that he earned his ascension after making two million right decisions.

          This means that he diligently applied himself to always choose love, forgiveness, compassion, and heart wisdom over fear, doubt and judgment. He chose to always do, moment by moment, everything he did as an act of love and mercy, no matter what went on in his personal life.

          No matter how difficult it became from time to time and no matter how certain persons maliciously tried to hurt him in his last incarnation, he always chose love.

          This, my friends, is the level of consciousness and determination that will bring you to the ascension door faster than anything else. If Master Saint Germain could do this in his unascended state, so can you. Let me tell you that he did it in a time when people, in general, were less evolved and more manipulative than in this day and age. He attained his level of mastery and ascension in circumstances that were much more difficult than most of you are finding yourself in today.

          Simply pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and actions, moment by moment, and correct them as needed. Embrace a new attitude towards life, especially the attitude of gratitude, for all the blessings that are showered upon you, upon humanity and upon the planet at this time of great shift.

          All of us in Telos wish you a most blessed and transformative Season. Know that you are the Gift! Look to no other. Everything you ever wanted and desired has always been within you. Go within to connect with your own infinite Source of Love and Limitlessness.

          It is not dormant. It is simply awaiting your recognition to come alive within you and be manifested in your daily life. The New Year brings opportunities for tangible manifestations. Take charge of your life and choose wisely what it is that you want to manifest. As you create your new blessings, all of Telos will assist and rejoice with you. Namaste.  

Welcome From Adama – Adama Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones.

Greetings my dear friends,
It is indeed with great joy and excitement in our Heart that we of Telos connect Heart to Heart with all of you who feel drawn to the Revelations of the New Lemuria.

          On behalf of the Lemurian Council of Twelve of Telos, the king and queen of Telos, Ra and Rana Mu and all of your former brothers and sisters of the present-day Lemurian civilization, we welcome you all to the Heart of Lemuria, the Heart of Compassion. We are indeed the survivors of Lemuria, and to the great surprise of many of you on the surface, we reveal to you at this important time of Earth’s evolution that we are indeed real; we are well and alive beneath Mount Shasta, California after twelve thousand years of isolation from the surface folks.

          The time has now come, beloved ones, for our two civilizations to reunite as one, once again. One of the main purposes of our teachings is to assist the establishment of the foundation that is needed in preparation for our eventual emergence among you.

          The long dark night that has separated us for so very long is now over, and we are planning to emerge physically among you in the near future to reunite in Love, Wisdom and Understanding with All of you, our former family members and friends of ancient Lemuria.

          It is our Heart-felt Desire to Teach you all what we have learned through the passage of time of our long separation, and to assist you in creating for yourself the type of paradise we have created for ourselves in Telos.

          We have forged the way for ourselves, and because we have attained such a high level of Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding, it will be much easier for you to follow in our footsteps once we walk again, side by side among all of you.


Here is a closer look of our Brother Adama. Adama is a very ancient being who has been around on and within the Earth for eons of time assisting humanity and the Earth evolution. He is really a master of love and compassion as well as a wonderful teacher.

Who is Adama?

          Adama is the High Priest and the spiritual leader in the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. He is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. Also an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our Star Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the globe.

          Adama, along with his Lemurian team are also in charge of the creation and maintenance of a very important crystalline grid around this planet. He is working with many members of various galactic and interplanetary beings on this important project.

          Adama is a Blue Ray Ascended Master of Universal level, a Master of Love and Compassion, assisting humanity and the planet with the ascension project. Telos has now become the main headquarters for Ascension on this planet, and Adama is one of the main leaders, along with the Planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Lord Buddha, Lord Sanat Kumara, and many others.

          Adama embodies the Heart of Lemuria which is nothing less than the Heart of Love and Compassion and the Heart of the Divine Mother, the return of the Christ Consciousness on this Planet with all its wondrous magnificence.

          Adama’s time to be known and heard on the surface of this planet has now come. His Spiritual Presence among us, and the Spiritual Presence of our former Lemurian family is a great blessing for us all and for the Planet.

          Let’s open Our Hearts to Adama and to the members of our Lemurian family who are assisting us in our evolutionary pathway, waiting to reconnect with us in a more physical manner in the years to come.

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